No risk of infection in the lift

Ventilation in the lift does not work so well, but there are disinfection solutions that work like a fresh breeze through an open window.

No risk of infection in the lift

Not only since Corona we know that pathogens spread through the air in the form of aerosols. One cough, one sneeze and the air in the immediate vicinity is already a "germ slinger". Regular airing is the best way to get rid of the germs. But what about small rooms where ventilation is not or only insufficiently possible, such as in lifts? For these areas, too, there are now disinfection solutions such as ELEVATAIR, which do not turn a lift ride into an infection lottery, but make it safe again.

A small room, no windows, only one door that opens and closes again and again, many people, healthy or sick, who use the room and in many buildings it is indispensable - the passenger lift. Even in public transport you don't feel particularly comfortable in times of flu or corona, but in a lift? It has been reported more than once in the last two years that people have contracted Corona even though they had no contact with infected persons, only indirectly in the lift. Therefore, the elevator was more and more avoided as a means of passenger transport.

But the industry has done a lot to make the lift safe again - after all, it is hard to imagine metropolises all over the world without it, especially in many public areas.

The challenge of lifts

Ventilation is the number one measure, but how is that supposed to work to the right extent in a lift? During the pandemic, the aim was for as few people as possible to use the respective lift together in order to keep the virus load low. But this meant that transport capacities could not be utilised and users lost a lot of time. With the return to "normality", the numbers of staff coming into the offices are also increasing again, but the infection figures are only slowly decreasing. This makes it all the more important to make the existing lifts usable for anyone without restrictions.

Clean air with different technologies

Various technologies can be used to clean or disinfect air: Filters, UVC light, ionisation, plasma and ozone technology.

Filters can filter out many small particles from the air but cannot inactivate them. The pathogens remain active in the filter and since these have to be replaced regularly, this means an increased risk potential if not maintained regularly. UVC light kills germs of all kinds within a few seconds, but it is not completely harmless. For safe use, the devices must meet certain safety criteria, such as a robust housing that can withstand vandalism and does not allow radiation to penetrate to the outside, or automatic shut-off functions. Ozone technology is used primarily to eliminate odors, but germs are also killed by oxidation. However, since ozone is classified as harmful to the environment and health, its use is controversial. Plasma air purifiers put the introduced room air between electrodes into a plasma state. In this state of aggregation, ions, radicals and free electrons are produced, which react with a wide variety of pollutants and thus render them partially harmless.

Plasma against germs

ELEVATAIR provides building operators with a plasma air purifier that can be very easily installed in existing systems from all manufacturers. Fungi, bacteria and viruses, fine dust and pollen are efficiently destroyed silently without chemicals or other waste products. Within two and a half minutes, the air of a standard cabin is completely purified. The room air is drawn in by the ELEVATAIR and passed by a low-energy plasma field. This plasma field destroys pollutants at the DNA level and effectively eliminates odors such as smoke or sweat - without any side effects for humans or the environment. This is why the device is also approved as a medical device for hospitals, surgery and intensive care.

The highest good - health

The last two years have shown that our health is the highest good, which must be protected under all circumstances so that everything runs smoothly and everyone feels comfortable and safe. Investing in the health and thus in the safety of one's employees, customers, relatives and fellow human beings is therefore a step that creates trust at all levels, conveys appreciation and allows one to look positively into the future.

As an innovative company and specialist in the field of hygiene in transportation technology, we have included ELEVATAIR in our elevator portfolio. If you are interested, our sales team will be happy to help. Please contact us at +49 221 17735430 or


Published: 27. May 2022

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